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Contract to print

I hereby agree to breed my mare:
during 2018 to The Stallion: MIRACLE FAME Q-65830

The Service Fee of AUD $1100 (incl gst) includes a non-refundable booking fee of $220 (incl gst). The booking fee is payable upon signing of this contract. The balance of the Service Fee must be paid in full on the return of a 45 day positive pregnancy test. This Service Fee does not include collection, freight and any costs incurred by the mare in achieving a pregnancy.

This agreement entitles the mare owner to a live foal guarantee, whereby if the foal does not stand and suck in the first 24hrs of life,  the mare owner will be entitled to a rebreed the following year with the same mare (unless mutually agreed). This guarantee will only apply if a written statement from a licensed veterinarian is forwarded to Little Pastoral Pty Ltd within seven days. If the mare fails to produce a live foal in the return service year then the Stallion Owner shall be released from any further obligations.

Is this mare to be an embryo transfer? __________

If yes please name the embryo transfer facility: ___________________________________________

If more than one foal results from any one embryo flush, an additional Stallion Service fee will be due and payable upon each successful 45day positive pregnancy test.

FROZEN SEMEN: Frozen semen is available all year round. Frozen semen will be available in 1/2ml straws (8 straw = 1 breeding dose) and two breeding cycles (16 straws) will be shipped if mare owner wishes at mare owner’s expense.  Mare owner and Veterinarian agree that shipped semen is to be used only on the mare in this contract and any unused frozen semen shall be returned to the location of origin, at mare owner’s expense.  If the nominated mare fails to achieve a positive pregnancy after two cycles with frozen semen a third and final dose will be sent.

CHILLED SEMEN: The stallion will be available for collection at arranged times. Collection and freight costs are not included in this Service agreement and shall be paid for by the mare owner. Should the mare fail to achieve a positive pregnancy after the stallion has departed Oakey Veterinary Hospital, and is unable to return for collection, frozen semen will be made available on the agreement conditions.

FRESH: Fresh Semen only applicable to Mares that will be at Oakey Veterinary Hospital within the stallion collection specified dates and only to be Artificial Inseminated by Oakey Veterinary Hospital Vet.

The mare owner agrees to notify the results of pregnancy test regardless if she is pregnant or open, and agrees to supply a veterinary certificate of the forty five day pregnancy scan to Little Pastoral Pty Ltd. Once all fees are paid by the mare owner, and the positive veterinary certificate has been received, Little Pastoral Pty Ltd will send out the Certificate of Service.

This contract shall not be transferable by the Mare Owner (unless mutually agreed). This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties, and any amendment to or modification of the terms to this agreement must be in writing.

Please Circle      FRESH SEMEN               CHILLED SEMEN                FROZEN SEMEN

Mare owners name:_____________________________________________________




Mobile:_______________________ Fax: _________________________________

Veterinarian’s Address:______________________________________________



Mobile:______________________ Fax: ________________________________


_________________________________ ___________________________________

DATE __________________________         DATE ____________________________

Please post Breeding Agreement to:
Mark & Rachel Little
‘Kolane’ M/S 590 WANDOAN Qld  4419
Ph: (07) 46278164  Fax: (07) 46278171 Email: rachellittle@activ8.net.au